During my time as an in-house graphic designer at Annie International, one of our CEO's larger goals was to establish ourselves in the mainstream market. This was initiated through a partnership with a talent management company co-founded by former NFL player and TV personality, Michael Strahan.

We undertook a number of private label projects, one of which was a mens' skincare line that aimed to expand on Michael's existing lifestyle & apparel brand, the "M" Collection. He and his team wanted a simple, but effective formula that could be marketed as stand-alone or series. The overall look he wanted to achieve was “classic barbershop, modern man, timeless feel.”

For my initial concepts, I took inspiration from Michael’s personal style and aesthetic, which often consists of blue and gray suits during his TV appearances. The line was set to be sold in Men’s Wearhouse at launch, so this felt especially appropriate. His public persona is masculine, but approachable and this idea was at the forefront of my design. I continued with the use of the modern sans serif font to tie in the logo and kept a healthy dose of letter tracking to create resting space for the eyes, giving a nod to relaxation and well-being achieved through routines of self care.

I focused on space and contrasting scale to accentuate the form of each component. Enlarging and abstracting the “M” to create a wrap-around effect gives breadth to the design and utilizes what's already there. It acts as a motif to carry out the concept of a series with a bold identity mark. The clean lines and angles establish a sense of sophistication and sleekness without being intimidating.

Unfortunately, this project never made it to final production, but I was proud to have been given the chance to take the reins and run with it as far as I could. I was encouraged by Michael and his team’s engagement throughout the process and would have loved to have seen it hit stores.
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